On and off message

Someone remarked before we left about how univocal this action is: mournful, meditative, focused on giving voice to the Latin American victims of SOA graduates. That’s mostly true.

There was a migrant workers’ union alongside ukulele-playing, protest-song-singing undergrads on stage today. This evening, I ran from the workshop on the “Low-Risk Non-Federal Arrest” option to one entitled “Woman Ordination Matters: Gender, The Gospel, Global Justice.” Seth sat in on a presentation on US intervention in Guatemala while Emily, Emily, and I were next door hearing about life in Gaza. We all share a similar theo-ethical sensibility here, and so can entertain some diversity of topic in the midst – it makes things interesting.

It’s something similar with the five of us. In between thoughtful, self-critical conversations, there is discussion of NPR theme songs and a hunt for peach cobbler. We talked for an hour while sitting in a field, went to the above-mentioned workshops, and then drove off to fulfill what someone on Chowhound said ought to be the 11th commandment, “Thou shalt eat at Macon St Barbecue before you die.”

Tomorrow morning – bright and early – is the vigil. We’ll be mourning, holding crosses aloft, and will focus today’s scattered energy into a communal time of prayer, solidarity, and direct action. I don’t know what will come of it, but tomorrow we seek to unite in one voice. It’s a blessing to know that Union supports us in that. Sleep first, though.