The arts are a key to our resistance. Each year at the gates of Ft. Benning, puppets are a vital part of the energy which drives the SOA Watch protest. The ‘Puppetistas’ use the medium of puppetry to enact the crisis that the School of the Americas represents, and to embody the spirit of the resistance. The puppetry is striking against the militarized backdrop of Ft. Benning, the chain link fence, circling helicopters, watch towers, and prerecorded messages warning against demonstrating on the military base. The hierarchical, overbearing, and uniform quality of the military and police is contrasted by the, often rough-around-the-edges, loose, and freeform puppetry.

Artistic expression is key to giving voice the unspeakable horror that the School of the Americas continues to represent in our world. The art gives life to the traumatic realities our language fails to express. This commitment to creativity in the midst of resistance also demonstrates not just the militarism and war we indict, but also the form of the new world we imagine. We remember and we imagine. We express the realities of a world torn by war, and show that we imagine a world where creativity flourishes and where people without badges, ranks, or titles, have their voices heard.



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