The Immorality of Internal versus External U.S. Policies!

Should I vote for a second term for president Obama based solely upon his policies towards U.S. citizens or should his policies towards non-U.S. citizens matter? I ask this question because the hypocrisy involved in the dichotomization of human rights and dignity for U.S. citizens, compared to the lack thereof for foreigners is simply, in my estimation, immoral and anti-Christian. The association of human rights/dignity with U.S. citizenship in our country has created a rationale and justification for the violation of human rights of so many human beings here among us and throughout the world. Within our geographical parameters we can see this dichotomy–lets call it the doctrine of superiority of U.S. citizens–in operation in Guantanamo and among the population of non-U.S. citizens (i.e. undocumented immigrants) living within our borders. Unfortunately, human rights have become associated primarily with citizenship. Basic human rights are no longer interpreted as the inalienable rights of all human beings, regardless of where they were born or raised. Therefore, if you are not a U.S. citizen you are not “worthy” of the right to have charges brought against you and to undergo due process. Instead, you can be held in prison indefinitely and without representation. In terms of their lack of rights, immigrants seem to be viewed and treated as enemy combatants. Since when have artificial geo-political borders determined the human dignity and rights of individuals? How else can we justify the deportation of parents by our government without considering the plight of children left behind? There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of cases of children in school, literally abandoned with no one to pick them up at the end of the school day. They are then turned over to child protective service agencies throughout the United States. Countless families have been dismembered and destroyed, even while one spouse is a legal resident or U.S. citizen. How can President Obama now move on to expand the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive strikes against other countries not only for “protection against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction,” but to include “values and commerce?” Should I and other people of faith solely be concerned with the implications of our policies on our lives as U. S. citizens or should we consider the humanity of others?